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Taking in All Sydney Has to Offer & Meeting My Instagram Crush

Sydney, Australia

Day 5

Finally, Day 5 in Sydney meant a day filled with exploring instead of hopping from bar to bar and DJ to DJ. We woke up and got ready for our most touristy day yet. First, we started by hitting up breakfast at another one of the cute cafes in Paddington’s Five Ways corner (not Gusto though, I wasn’t down to wait thirty years for a bowl of fruit again).

Full and ready to go, we then took a car to the Royal Botanical Gardens, a huge area of land featuring some of Australia’s most beautiful and protected plant species. We saw a lizard, some weird birds and tons of trees (thrilling, I know) and then continued on our way down the ocean side walkway that lead from the gardens to the Opera House.

The Opera House features mind-blowing architecture with huge angular shapes that are nothing short of picture worthy. We walked around for a while, feasting our eyes on the harbor, before heading into the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is right next to the ports.

I’m not huge on museums as I don’t quite understand art - seriously, someone please explain to me how a banana taped to a wall is worth thousands of dollars??? - but it was necessary for us to walk through the museum, even if it was mainly to cool off a bit and find a bathroom.

For my art lovers out there though, I definitely recommend actually going through the museum with some time because it truly is home to beautiful works and exhibits. AND... it’s free! Can’t beat it.

Continuing to be stereotypical tourists we then strolled over to The Rocks - Sydney’s oldest neighborhood. Throughout the week these streets are host to markets, events and shows. This area was very sweet and quaint reminded me of Europe with cobblestone streets and rows of gelato stands.

From there, we hopped on a ferry to Manly (another part of the bay) to explore even more. The ferry was $19 round trip and very worth it. Manly was bustling and offered a range of great beach side restaurants and shops. We stumbled upon *another* rooftop bar (sensing a theme here?) and stuffed our faces with the best pizza ever and of course, more fries and vino.

We weren’t able to tour much more of Manly though as we had booked a cocktail cruise around the harbor for sunset. So, back on the ferry we went to navigate our ways through the streets of Sydney down to another harbor where the cruise would leave out of. I booked the tourist trap excursion through a site called Viator and to my delight, it only cost $35 per person. I recommend using Groupon or this newly discovered site to book tours like this, because going through first party sites make things much more expensive generally. For example, this same tour on Air BNB was well over $150. NO THANKS FAM! Anway, the boat was much larger than expected and we were given as many free drinks as we wanted to enjoy while roaming the decks that offered a great view of the entire harbor.

Desperately needing food, we hopped off the boat and grabbed some Pad Thai from a spot also in Five Ways, called Eat Thai. Australia is heavily influenced by Asian cuisine and culture, due to the fact that it’s the continent it’s closest to, so there are endless Thai, Vietnamese and other Asian food options in the area.

After acting like a bum and eating Pad Thai in bed, we got ready for what I now call “Kate’s Big Night Out.” You see, there’s this random model from Sydney that I found on Instagram a few months ago that I think is extremely attractive. I unfortunately have a type that I’m always drawn to, and this guy certainly fit it.

So, ever since coming across this ridiculously good looking brunette stranger online, I’ve been sending him messages to get him to notice me. This is actually something I do a lot to different guys, mainly as a joke or simply to see if it will work. The world of Instagram is quite weird and for years now, I’ve had random guys send me constant messages - some very sweet and others very disturbing. After experiencing this phenomenon for a while, I decided it was fair for me to do it to men in return (this is the era of feminism, is it not?). Unlike the creeps who send graphic images though, I of course keep all my messages short, sweet and clean.

I never expected Sydney Instagram guy to reply to my DMs, but, a few months before taking our trip, he actually did. So, when I got to Sydney I let him know I was there and asked if he’d want to meet up. Frankly, all I wanted was to get a picture with this guy to show my friends that DM-ing a bloke actually works.... by no means was I taking my messages seriously.

If you know me, you know I do ridiculous things out of pure curiosity or to entertain others, and this was no different. But, to my surprise, Mr. IG model ended up inviting us to a bar that night where he was DJing (honestly I saw way too many DJs on my trip). But excited to get my picture (LOL don’t judge me), Kara, Alex, myself and one of Kara’s friends who’s also in Australia, all got dressed and went to the spot in Double Bay, called Bedouin Bar.

The bar was cute and small and best of all - featured the object of my DMs playing the music. At this point I was feeling slightly stalker-ish so I stayed out of the guys’ eyesight, having fun with my girlfriends and Taylan, who also came with his crew.

Shockingly, Instagram boy was a pretty good DJ, minus the FOUR Rihanna songs he played.... so his music made for a fun night. Still having not said hi to him, I was standing there with Alex when hottie DJ pointed at me in the crowd. This clearly was my opening to say hi, so I walked up to the DJ booth where he invited me to dance next to him. From here, I'll just say that my Instagram crush turned out to be much nicer (and slightly shorter) than expected. “Kate’s big night out” was a hit. Mission accomplished.


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