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Sydney --> Melbourne

Sydney, Australia

Day 6

Today was our last day in Sydney, which had me crying literal tears, as we were off to Melbourne next. I was really surprised over how upset I was to be leaving. I loved everything about Sydney - it’s clean, safe, filled with a ton of great bars, restaurants and shops, there are tons of things to do and there are various neighborhoods that all offer something different. It’s actually pretty similar to LA, just much less dirty and hectic. Not to mention the beaches! Bondi and Bronte were both stunning and I would have done anything to have had more time on them.

But, I didn’t fly 15 hours across the world just to see one city, so Kara and I boarded our flight and headed to the city that everyone refers to as the San Francisco of Australia. Before coming to Australia, numerous people told me Sydney was like LA and Melbourne was like SF. To an extent, I agree, like I mentioned above.

However, there are parts of Sydney that are also really similar to San Francisco. The area we stayed in, Paddington, had hills even! I expected Melbourne to be hilly too, since so many people compared it to the home of the Giants, but after arriving, I realized this component was missing. Melbourne reminded me most of a mix between New York and San Francisco.

For our time in Melbourne we stayed in CBD - the business district - in the highest building in the entire city. Our room on the 64th floor had a ridiculously impressive view of Melbourne - I could see every inch of the city as I leaned against the cold glass to soak it all in (as Kara screamed at me not to because she was scared I’d fall to my death).

For dinner, we feasted on some dumplings, which can be found on almost every corner in Melbourne. We then did our best to go out as it was the only weekend day we’d be there. We forced ourselves to put on makeup and went to a bar my friend Dan, who’s originally from Melbourne, suggested to us called Fargo and Co. It was a cute bar in Richmond - a popular nightlife area in the city, with a fun rooftop.

Not too shockingly, our last five days of going out had officially caught up to me though and after one drink I had enough and drug Kara back to our AirBNB bed with me.


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