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Starting 2020 Strong at Sydney's Field Day Festival

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Sydney, Australia

Day 3

When we woke up in Ashley’s plush bed on Wednesday, Kara and I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking we had the whole day ahead of us to take it easy after our long night out. But right after inhaling, we let out an exhausted laugh as we realized that was nowhere NEAR being true.

Instead of catching up on our sleep, it was time for us to pull out every ounce of our leftover energy to get ready and go to Field Day - a huge festival on New Year’s Day in Sydney.

According to Charlie’s dad, who was raised in Sydney, Field Day is filled with drugged up eighteen year olds and travelers - not exactly what we were looking for. But, when I asked Ashley prior to our trip what we should do for the holiday, she recommended hitting up the festival and after investigating the lineup, which I’d give a A-, we figured it’d be a fun way to kick off the new year.

Trying to prolong our quiet morning, we first made our way over to an area near where we were staying called Surry Hills. We wandered the streets searching for a trendy cafe to sit at and enjoy a cup of coffee (or ten) before joining the hundreds of people jumping around at Field Day.

The only issue we didn’t factor in though was the fact that every other person in Sydney had the same idea we did. Every restaurant and cafe featured a long line, some wrapped around the block, making it difficult for us to find a spot. We perused the streets for a while before finding a quaint brunch spot called Kawaaa, which was still pretty packed even though it was off the busy streets. Kawaa was delicious and the coffee was strong. I think Kara and I spent over two hours there trying to regroup ourselves.

Other top cafes and brunch spots to try in the area include:

Paramount Coffee Project - Also in LA, very minimalist, clean and has drool worthy food

Bills - Where we WANTED to go, but the line was absurd

Four Ate Five - recommended by the Australian family I work for so you know it’s legit

Single O

Sticky Fingers

After guzzling down an iced latte or two, we hopped in an Uber (honestly thank goodness Australia has Ubers or we’d be a mess) and made our way to Field Day at The Domain, an 84 acre open area perfect for Sydney’s festival needs.

Anyway....Everyone at Field Day looked like they just stepped out of an LF commercial. The girls were dressed in the trendiest outfits, all looking like life sized Brat dolls. Kara and I did our best to muster up our wild, party sides, but honestly spent more time sitting and people watching.

My favorite thing about Kara is that I’m perfectly happy being completely alone in a corner at a party or event with no one but her near me, silently observing our surroundings. Her and I don’t even have to speak and somehow it’s still the best time. We do this all the time in Los Angeles whenever we go out together and just like it’s my favorite thing to do there, it also was a blast to do the same thing at every party in Australia with her.

When we did force ourselves to be a part of the crowd though, we raged alongside the other festival goers to sets like Snakehips, RL Grime (my man) and Disclosure. At one point, some random and upsettingly sweaty men threw us up on their shoulders (Kara’s literal nightmare) so we could get a classic picture and see the DJs better. In all, it was a great day and my shoes didn't hurt this time around, praise be.


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