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Soaring Over the Island and Avoiding Rip Tides in Oahu

Updated: Dec 18, 2019


Day 5, November 24th 2019

While my bank account may be at an all time low thanks to this trip, I still proceeded to pretend I was made of money as we booked a helicopter tour for our third day in Oahu. Costing us over $200, we made reservations through our hotel with Magnum Helicopters for a 45 minute high flying adventure which would take us from one end of Oahu to the other and back again.

Again, we took a complimentary shuttle to the landing strip and were suited up with a life jacket that conveniently would pop out of a fanny pack around our waists and inflate in case of a water landing (where was this life jacket when I needed it for turtle diving??). We then were assigned seats in the chopper, with me being placed between Kaitlyn and the pilot, a hilarious and cheery little man who made our flight incredibly enjoyable. He taught us how to use the foot pedals to activate our headsets and talk to him and turned on the engines. As the wings started to spin at the wind speeds of a hurricane, we lifted off the tarmac and into the air. 

I’ve flown in a helicopter before when Keegan very sweetly used his flight voucher to take me in one to Catalina last year, but our Oahu heli was much more exciting as it was doorless. We soared over land and ocean with a clear and striking view of Hawaii’s third largest island. I was so in awe of the flight that my mouth must have been wide open the entire time. It was just so spectacular seeing the island from that bird’s eye view and flying through the atmosphere in a way I never had before. I felt like a little kid again, astonished at everything around me. God is truly so cool and so creative for the beauty he created. I’ll never forget that flight.

Having not made our way to any of the iconic beaches in Oahu yet, we decided to venture out to one after landing safely back on the ground. I was told by a friend to go to Diamond Head Beach, which is an area right next to Waikiki with the same amount of beauty, but half the amount of tourists. We Ubered over there, driven by a hilarious old Asian man who upon seeing where we were about to get out at, refused to let us leave, telling us there was a much more beautiful beach ahead.

Trusting his enthusiasm and wisdom, we allowed him to continue down the road to take us to Makapu’u Beach, a beach halfway between Waikiki and the North Shore, which he said was the second most beautiful beach on the island. The first was apparently Lanikai, but that one was over an hour away so we chose second best.

And wow, how right the man was. We pulled down the slope leading to Makapu’u and neither Kailtyn or I could stop involuntarily saying “wow” over and over, out loud, to our new guide’s delight. He laughed and laughed with jouy as we became more and more excited over the beach we were about to check out.

The beach was surrounded by huge rocks covered with greenery. The waves, the largest I’ve ever seen, crashed against the shore, roaring dramatically. And spotting the water were dozens of very tan young boys as they body surfed and messed around as only boys can. It was so entertaining watching them try different stunts in the water. Everything inside me itched to jump in with them, but I knew growing up on Lake Erie did not adequately prepare me for Blue Crush status waves and deadly rip tides, so I stayed put and enjoyed the entertainment.

However, I also promised myself, that if I ever go back to Hawaii, I’ll take the risk and jump in too. I also am now determined to learn to surf once I get back to LA. So get ready everyone, adventure Kate has been turned up a notch or two!

The rest of the night we chose to lay low with, buying a bottle of wine and turning on a movie in our hotel room. It was, all things considered, the perfect day. It’s safe to say that island life is growing on me!

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