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Photoshoots & Underground DJ Parties Back in Sydney

Day 10


Thanks to the thick layer of smoke still engulfing Melbourne, I decided to fly back to Sydney a few hours earlier than planned. I said bye to Kara, who was still half asleep, and then headed to the Melbourne airport.

Now, a strange fact about Australian airports is that their security is extremely relaxed. They don’t check IDs or boarding passes at the security gates and you can walk through the scanners with coats and shoes still on. It makes absolutely no sense to me - a sad fact about being an American to have lived through 911. They also never even match your face to your ID to prove you’re getting on the right flight, so as long as you get through security, you could hop on any flight you want. AGAIN, IT MAKES NO SENSE. However, it also makes getting through the airport much easier, which was great for me considering I had woken up at 5 am to catch the flight.

When I landed back in Sydney, I instantly felt relieved. I’m not sure how that city stole my heart the way it did, but alas, I fell in love with it and was happy to be back, even if it was just for one night before returning to LA on Thursday.

By this time, Ashley was already back from her time traveling and was home in the apartment she had let us stay in the week before. Even though her bed was once again occupied, she still let me come back for the night, which was extremely generous of her. I Ubered straight to her and FINALLY got to meet the angel who provided me with housing. Ashley and I hit it off and immediately went to get lunch together, chatting about all the unique differences between Australia and America (like their influencer cultures for example.... don’t get me started).

Feeling good again after a refreshing meal, Ashley and I then went our separate ways for a bit, as I had booked a photoshoot with a local Sydney photographer for the afternoon. I plastered makeup on my face again (I refuse to do my makeup for the next three weeks after this trip) and then went to Bronte beach to meet the photographer.

Rodrigo is a Sydney native who takes stunning beach and bikini photos. Him and I walked around Bronte beach, shooting different looks in the water, on the sand and perched on some rocks. I loved shooting with Rodrigo and was impressed by his skills, so it was certainly worth putting all that cover up and mascara back on my face to do.

Helping my lost tourist self out, Rodrigo and I took a bus back to Bondi Junction together where I then Ubered back to Ashleys to relax for a while. I desperately needed to sit and drink some water, feeling tired and dehydrated from so much travel, before the night ahead as Ashley and I were going to go to a Milky Chance concert together later on.

After grabbing dinner, Ashley and I went back to her place where Alex, along with Ashley’s friend Sam, came over to pregame before the concert. I’m not a huge fan of Milky Chance as I really only know a couple of their songs, but I wanted to get to spend time with Ashley and figured this would be a fun way to close the trip. So, we went to the venue and enjoyed the show, which ended up being a really great time - those blokes are talented!

From the concert we then met back up with Alex at this random DJ set that she had been invited to by some of Taylan’s friends. It was in a small, underground bar and the DJ we were supposedly there to see didn’t ever come out. But, I did run into my Australian model boy again so at least I could end my foreign love story properly.

Milky Chance and the random underground party got the best of me and before I even had a chance to actually shut my eyes and sleep, I was woken up by my alarm to once again go back to the airport to fly home.

My airport journey did not go as planned though as my lack of sleep made navigating international travel nearly impossible causing me to accidentally get dropped off at the wrong terminal. Once I figured out I was lost, Virgin Australia had to bus me to the right terminal, but then I got off the bus and forgot one of my bags on the seat next to me. I realized my mistake only after having already gone through security, so I ran back out to ask how to get ahold of the bus driver, just for the agent to tell me to make my way through security AGAIN and go to a specific gate in the terminal for help.

I ran back through, AGAIN, talked to the agents who called the driver for me and they then told me that I now had to go BACK outside to the drop off area to meet the driver, who found my bag... PRAISE THE LORD. Back outside I went, grabbed my bag and then once more went through the security line, making that my third time doing so. At this point, I was laughing at my stupidity and misfortune, knowing it would make for a great story down the line.

Basically, I’m typing this simply to tell you all to NEVER try to fly internationally when you’re sleep deprived..... it won’t go well for you. Learn from me, be better than me.

Mishaps aside, I made it to my gate in time and it was off to America I went.

Overall, this trip to Australia turned out to be far better than I ever imagined. I met incredible people, saw a million different bars, restaurants, attractions and sites, and discovered a love for a city that I didn’t see coming. It weirdly felt like I had been in Australia for months, when in reality it was only two weeks. Now I know.... I will certainly be returning to the land down under someday.


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