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Living Like A Spaniard: First Week in Cordoba

Day 12- 15


In order to spare you all from three weeks worth of daily blog posts, I’m now going to write them on a week by week basis, with some extra posts for the weekend trips I plan on taking. This weekend I’m going to Ibiza and staying with a girl I met through a Facebook group. Next, when the family goes to Malaga for Sonia’s birthday, I am going to go to Prague with Jack Lyon and some other USC guys. 

So, with that said, here is my first weekly post on my new life in Cordoba.

After the first day, I started getting more and more comfortable with the family. They told me to act as if I was in my house and get whatever food or anything else I needed anytime. They are so welcoming and are always checking to see if I’m ok.

I love hanging out with Sonia and Christina too. We taught each other different swear words in English and Spanish, which was quite entertaining. So, while I may not be able to even introduce myself properly in Spanish, I can easily cuss someone out and order gin and tonics at a bar. Real world knowledge, right?

We put that knowledge to use and went out one night for tapas and then Sonia took us to a popular Irish Pub in the city center. We ordered gin and tonics because, like I said, they’re just that good here. They also come in the largest glasses possible. Double win. The pub was local and fun and we got there while everyone was finishing up dinner, which was paella being served out of a ginormous bowl in the center of the bar. Everything about Spain is better than America so far.

The night out was a lot of fun and it helped me get even closer to the girls. We met some guys who lived in Cordoba  and headed back to their place for a bit. It was great actually getting a taste of real Spanish night life, without being seen as a tourist. They called me American Princess all night and my inner diva was thrilled.

I paid for that fun though as we didn’t get home till 6 in the morning and were struggling a bit (a LOT) the next day. Luckily, both of the girls were as exhausted as I was so the day was spent lounging by the pool and watching the Bachelorette. Some must needed recharging.

On another day, Sonia took Christina and I into the city center to show us the sights of Cordoba. Cordoba is known for a preserved mosque and cathedral and both are incredibly beautiful. I know all cities in Spain boast tons of arcs, cathedrals and palaces, but I haven’t gotten sick of them yet.

Cordoba is truly amazing. Do I dare say that I like it more than Madrid and Barcelona? I do. The people are so friendly and the city is small enough that it feels like a home without being too small like my dreadful hometown is. I told Sonia I liked it so much as she was so excited, saying “I have to tell Jorge,” which is her boyfriend who lives in Madrid.

Most days, we wake up around 10 (or that’s when I wake up, they might be up for hours earlier for all I know), then either go to the city center or hang out around the house until lunch at 2. Each day, Eugenio comes home from work for lunch and Ana is usually back in time too. Then, we do more relaxing, watch some American TV with Spanish voiceover (Modern Family just isn’t the same with subtitles) and then have dinner late at night. The meals are one of my favorite parts because I get to spend a lot of time with the family and talk to them. They ask me how to say different things in Spanish and I do the same, slowly memorizing the endless vocabulary words.

I have to admit that I was quite nervous before I came to Cordoba. I even told Blake I didn’t want to go anymore because I was so scared that I’d spend the next month of my life feeling lonely and bored. But, I couldn’t have been more wrong. While sometimes it does get a tad lonely considering I can’t have full conversations with them in English, the rest of the time is enriching, enlightening and educational. I may just end up as one of those people who quits their job to travel the world thanks to this trip and thanks to Cordoba.

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