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Island Hopping & Acting Like a Local, Oahu

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Maui --> Oahu

Day 3, November 23rd 2019

Ready to experience more of what the Aloha State has to offer, we woke up early (honestly that was mainly because a 60 year old woman in our dorm would not stop snoring), grabbed an overpriced acai bowl, and headed to the airport. Off to Oahu we went!

Less than 45 minutes later, we landed on the larger island and took an uber to our hotel. Going from the slightly sketchy surf hostel to the extravagant Laylow Hotel by Marriot was one of the greatest joys I’ve had in a while.

The Instagram worthy hotel is located in Waikiki, a popular surf and nightlife area in Oahu. We scored a room on the bottom floor with the pool right outside our sliding glass door, which opens up to two hanging bamboo chairs and an absolute stunning view of the pool deck. Now this is paradise. Which makes me sound like a prissy traveler, but I promise, I can rough it like no other, but I discovered I don’t necessarily want to rough it while on vacation.

We grabbed some drinks then met up with Anthony, who stuck to his word, and flew to Oahu to meet up with us. First, we met a group of his friends and enjoyed a ridiculously good tequila sunrise and some lavish sushi at Nobu, before going to the first of about six bars that we visited throughout the night.

Starting in a grungy part of town, we hit up a dive bar and played a round of darts. Kaitlyn was shockingly good (that’s my Michigan girl) and I somehow ended up winning (but I’m pretty sure the scores were wrong).

We then drove to a more rambunctious club featuring a DJ and LED lights. The scene in Oahu is interesting - Anthony described it as being the craziest party city he’s ever been to, but honestly, no offense Tony, but it was pretty mediocre... comparable to an average night in Venice. But still, it was fun to check out all the different spots - especially the ones in an area called Chinatown, which is where the most fun seems to go down.

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