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Infatuated With Cordoba: Week 2 in Cordoba, Spain

Week 2 in Cordoba

I’ve developed a bit of a routine. Every day I wake up (blow my nose for 20 minutes #allergies), eat breakfast out on the porch and then either read, write or practice Spanish.

The routine continues at 2:00 when Eugenio comes home from work and we all have lunch, which is always something new prepared by Pillar, their housekeeper. So far, my favorite has been salmorejo. It’s a typical dish in Cordoba and is similar to gazpacho, but thicker.

After lunch Sonia and I usually sit by the pool, across from each other at the table and work, chat and sunbathe. Dinner is served at 9:00 or later; we didn’t eat until 11:30 one night! How different it is here.  

Blake asked me if I was getting bored with such laid-back days, but really I’m not. It’s a vacation and is also allowing me the time I need to write, which is very welcomed. If only life in America was this relaxed, I’m sure everyone would be much happier and healthier because of it.

I’m currently sitting outside in my usual spot while Floppy, their pet rabbit who they treat like a dog, is trying to nibble at my feet. Silly rabbit, feet are for kids! (Terrible joke, my apologies).

Some days we go shopping or to get these giant milkshakes that leave us all feeling sick. Tonight, Sonia wants to take me out with her friends. So, really, each day is new and I’m loving it. I’m not homesick at all and Cordoba is so amazing that I’m already feeling sad that I only have 10 days or so left here. The trip has flown by.

The city is truly the best one I’ve ever been in. LA included, and we all know how much I adore the city of Angels. The city center consists of cobble stone streets and white buildings with long tan cloths draped between them, shadowing the people below. Aesthetically wise, it’s my heaven. But Cordoba isn’t just great for how pretty it is.

There are dozens of shops and endless restaurants to choose from. It’s described as being a small city, yet when we go out the bars are packed with people looking for a good time. When it comes time for tapas, the sidewalks are covered with kids my age, all socializing, smoking and getting ready for a night out. This is what my future holds tonight too! I thought nothing could ever beat Barcelona, but Cordoba is just too incredible for words.

I’m having a great time with the family too, especially Sonia. We have a lot in common. I just wish we spoke the same language so we could bond even more. But, she’s always making sure I’m comfortable and it’s so sweet.

With the help of Sonia and Ana’s translating, I’ve talked to Eugenio about heavy topics, like the differences in gun laws in the U.S. and Spain. Sadly, these topics have come up because the Orlando nightclub shooting took place on my second Monday here. Having to ask Sonia how to say words like murder, blood and gun in Spanish is so sad.

Javi is pretty shy around me and refuses to talk in English, but we did bond over ice cream and popcorn. Food really is the way to a person’s heart. Eugenio is also picking up some English from me and I can tell he tries hard at it too. I'm so grateful that I was placed in such a loving, close knit family, I couldn't have asked for a better situation. It hardly feels like I’m away from home and in a foreign country at all.

Tomorrow the family leaves to go to Malaga for Sonia’s graduation, so I’m following suit and going to Prague.



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