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Husband Searching in the Airport & Watching New Year's Eve Fireworks in Sydney, Australia

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Los Angeles —> Sydney

Day 1 & 2

These past couple months have meant nonstop travel for me. After leaving Hawaii I immediately jumped on a plane straight to Detroit to see my family for Thanksgiving. From there, I flew back to LA, for a short ten days, and then went right back to Detroit again for Christmas, after a two day stint in Iowa, which I was flown to for a couple of TV hosting auditions. After seeing what Santa left for me under the tree, it was back to the city of angels again (for only two days) just to fly out of LAX to Sydney, Australia for New Years Eve.

WOW - that was a lot! Excuse me while I gasp for air! Believe it or not - I’ve spent more time inside of an airplane than in my own bed recently.

While it's been a lot, it’s also been AMAZING. But, my endless travels have also caused a complete existential crisis within my little heart and brain because now all I want to do is jet off again.... and again.

I was supposed to stay living in Australia with Kara for three months, but last minute I decided against it, not wanting to leave Los Angeles for that long. Now though, after spending time in Sydney and Melbourne, I’m weirdly sad to be going home.

Sydney in particular stole my heart way more than I imagined it would.

Our journey started the Sunday before New Years Eve when Kara, who was in Phoenix at the time, texted me that her flight to LA was delayed six hours. This meant she wouldn’t make it to LAX in time to board our flight for Australia.... we were both stressed (to say the least). I did some deep breathing exercises, tried to convince her to drive to LA from Arizona instead, and then an hour later our prayers were answered and she was put on a standby flight. TOLD YOU GUYS THERE'S A GOD!

To celebrate Kara’s amazing eat, pray, love journey ahead, a group of us went to the Waterfront bar in Venice to give her a proper going away party. After a couple glasses of wine (serious foreshadowing for our trip again) and some well wishes, we rushed to the airport (I forced Kara to go way earlier than we needed, my bad) where we had more wine (again, foreshadowing) and enjoyed some lovely people watching.

Airports are the best place on earth to observe how strange humans are, but it’s also an incredible spot for scoping out attractive men,,, trust me! I discovered this unexpected and welcomed truth while I was sitting in the terminal before my flight to Iowa. As I looked around me I thought “dang, I wish I wasn’t wearing sweatpants with a sweater three sizes too large for me because wow, there’s some actual husband material in here!”

That thought lead to me making a series of Instagram story videos where I’d zoom in on different eligible bachelors and have people tell me which one I should go for. Shockingly, my friends who watched my absurd videos loved them so much that it's now become sort of a “thing” that I do while waiting to catch flights.

So, naturally, I did it with Kara while waiting to head to Aussie land. Poor Kara watched as I mercilessly zoomed in on unsuspecting men just to write a funny caption about them and let my followers decide whether they were worthy of my attention.

At the end, I had people vote on which guy I should hit on and then, to Kara’s dismay, I actually did it. Honestly, forcing myself to go talk to the hottie who was about to board for a flight to Florida made me realize that guys really do have it tough when it comes to making a move - that was terrifying! But turned out well, with a potential date in the books - oh la laaaa.

What was more terrifying though was our insanely long flight to Sydney. Both Kara and I were able to sleep for a while, but when I jolted awake thanks to some turbulence, I was positive there was only an hour or two left in the trip. But, to my absolute horror I was completely wrong and there were another TEN hours to go. Desperately wanting to fall back asleep and avoid the anxiety that comes with sitting still for that long, I popped numerous melatonin down my throat and drifted off again.

We ended up in the land down under early in the morning on New Years Eve with a shocking amount of energy. I'd somehow beaten jet lag! No clue how, as usually I’m a delusional mess after long flights, but I wasn’t going to question it too much!

In Sydney, we were fortunate enough to be staying with my good friend, Keegan’s childhood friend, Ashley. Yes, I realize that’s very confusing. Basically, I have never met Ashley, but while asking around on where to stay in Sydney, my best guy friend, Keegan, told me he knew a girl who lived there and connected us.

Ashley was out of town (in California ironically... we switched places) so she let us use her spot! What a generous gem of a woman and a true life saver because hotel prices in Sydney were majorly jacked up thanks to the holidays.

Ashley’s apartment is situated in a quaint and central location in Paddington - one of Sydney’s neighborhoods that’s filled with cozy cafes and lined with dream worthy flats. After settling into the apartment and meeting her roommate Ned (a very kind bloke who I could not understand at all because accents are too hard for me), we headed off to explore the area and grab some brekkie (as the Aussies say).

We hit up a cute corner cafe called Gusto and I ordered some fruit, wanting to be healthy before our party filled night ahead. Unfortunately, my genius plan hit a hiccup when Gusto took over 40 minutes to get me that said fruit. So to anyone reading this, I suggest going across the street to one of the three other equally adorable cafes for your brekkie needs.

There are plenty of brekkie spots to choose from in the area as there’s a spot in Paddington called five corners where the best shops and restaurants all sit... including Gusto. It’s a great area for brunch as long as you avoid the slow waiters.

After eating the fruit they had apparently just grown for me, we changed and went to C3 church. C3 is a nondenominational church started in Sydney by the family that I nanny for back in LA. When I’m home in California, I go to Mosaic church, but I work for a magnificent family who attend and lead C3’s Los Angeles campus. They’re the most beautiful and kind people on earth and I love their baby girl, Charlie, more than life itself.

When I found out they’d be home in Sydney (where the dad is from) while I was there, I knew it was an amazing opportunity to see what their church was all about and give Charlie a cuddle. We Ubered over to Oxford area from Sydney and were warmly welcomed. The service was great and I of course, got to squeeze Charlie girl, so I was a happy camper.

But, while I would have loved to have held Charlie all night long, we had no choice but to rush back to Paddington in order to change into our New Year’s Eve outfits and make our way to our festivities for the night. Had we not hurried back after C3, we might have been stranded in that part of Sydney, because the city shuts down a bunch of roads and bridges in order to put on their iconic firework shows over them.

Luckily, we crossed the bridge before any closures started and fixed our hair and makeup as quickly as possible so we could then head to Luna Park - an amusement park in Sydney that was throwing a huge NYE party with a stunning view of the Sydney Harbor bridge.

If you’re like me and had no idea that New Years was such a big deal in Sydney, then let me explain: apparently, outside of Times Square, New Years in Sydney is the place to be. The entire city is out with people setting up spots hours before midnight strikes in order to get a good view of the bridge and fireworks. As Kara and I took the train to Luna Park, we quickly realized that everyone else was doing the same, as the park had a great front row seat to the bridge.

There were hoards and hoards of people making their way to the area. We walked alongside them all, pushing our way to the entrance. Most people were setting up camp on a huge hilled road next to the park, but we had to get through them in order to actually enter. Usually I’m good at maneuvering large crowds (likely thanks to my many years of going to Coachella), but this time, it was nearly impossible, that’s how packed it was.

Eventually, we got through and into the park where again, tons of people were out and about celebrating the turn of the decade. While the park was filled with numerous adventurous rides and games, I was having a hard time walking and standing in long lines because my feet were two sizes larger than usual thanks to the air pressure from our flight over. So, my usually comfortable black heels became a sort of 21st century torture device and I was practically limping my way around the coasters.

To give my feet a much needed break, Kara and I wandered to a rooftop bar inside the park, grabbed some drinks, and sat down. As we relaxed and regrouped though, we were quickly drawn to a huge open warehouse type room where a DJ was jumping around, pumping up an enormous mass of party goers

We wandered in and observed the DJ, who, instead of spinning records... or even just pushing a button like most DJs do... was frantically running around the stage and yelling at his sound guys. I’m not sure what he was upset over, but wow, he was pissed! It was pure entertainment.

Thinking we were just watching the worst DJ set of our lives, Kara and I were both extremely confused and equally amused. But, our amusement multiplied when all of a sudden, a random rapper from the UK stormed the stage and started yelling at the crowd.

Apparently, all the people around us were also from the UK, because the audience went insane. The artist’s name was Example and literally all he did was run back and forth in front of his angry DJ yelling “yeah” or “let’s go” here and there. It was a very surreal thing to witness.

After enjoying Example’s bizarre set, we made our way outside of the sweaty warehouse room to watch the fireworks go off over the bridge. We were even able to work our way down to the furthest dock where we had an incredible view of the impressive display. It was a breathtaking way to welcome 2020!

But, the night had only just begun because after that, we stumbled back into the same warehouse rave room to find a DJ group known as Hot Dub Time Machine up on stage. These guys were the highlight of the night! A true come up from Example.

Hot Dug Time Machine's set included a mashup of all of the best songs throughout the past decade, perfect for the occasion. We danced away to top hits like Africa by Toto and Livin’ on a Prayer. It was so much fun, albeit also very painful as my shoes were still slowly but surely destroying my feet.

Night one in Sydney was a success.


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