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Be Pretty Like You - How I Broke Free from Insecurity and Comparison

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

“You don’t have to be pretty like her, you can be pretty like you.”

I love this quote because it holds so much truth. It breaks my heart to hear girls compare themselves to one another. And I get it, because I do it too. There was a time when I let those comparisons completely tear me down. It made me insecure, jealous and played a role in my depression.

I knew this was an issue inside my own heart that was planted there thanks to lies - lies I told myself, lies others put on me and lies the world caused me to see as truth. I also knew I had to do something about it for the sake of my own happiness and well being.

So, I worked hard to shift my mind set.

Now, I replace those lies with GOD’S TRUTH about how He sees me. And, whenever I see a beautiful woman I acknowledge that while she’s pretty, I am too! I say that in my head before any lie can creep its’ way in. AND IT’S SO EMPOWERING!!

Another really powerful thing I did was prayer. I know not everyone reading this is Christian or believes in prayer (which is more than ok, you're welcome here anyway!), but for me, speaking to my Creator and Savior and laying all my burdens on him is vital to my joy.

A woman I know who is inspiringly strong in her faith, told me that once, she spent time PRAYING OVER all the MIRRORS in her home. She prayed that any time she looked at her reflection in one of them, that she'd be reminded of how truly magnificent she is in God's eyes.

I thought this was a beautiful idea, so I did the same. And truly, it worked. I look at myself now and I see a work of art created by a masterful God, who made me perfect in every way, making no mistake. When I look in those mirrors.... even on my most tired of days, I feel this truth reverberating through my bones.

It’s these mind shifts that have helped me become so much more confident and at peace. & I want anyone reading this, anyone who’s ever felt that type of comparison and insecurity, to try the same things!

I promise you can break free from those lies and feel the same way I do now.

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