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A New Type of Dream

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I often wonder if many people ever take count of what they’re building in their lives? Or, if most of us just keep hopping from one achievement to the next, one adventure to another. Or perhaps there are others that are content with staying still, laying low…. never shaking things up. I mean truly, sit back for a second and make a mental checklist of the areas, relationships or goals in your life that you are working every day to build. What are they? Is there something, or someone that drives you to keep pushing? Or, are you striving only for yourself?

For so long, I was doing just that - living only for myself. I was doing all I could to build a future that was centered around just me and my world. I never paused to look around and see who or what I could be building with and for as I go. This type of building, this vain, self centered pursuit, left me always wanting and unfulfilled. I couldn’t figure out why, even when I was getting the roles or internships or jobs that I wanted, I still felt empty.

Then, through a series of Sundays, it dawned on me that maybe this life, my life, wasn’t given to me just FOR me. Maybe, just maybe, if I turned my attention outwards and focused on people or a mission that was greater than I, that things would stop feeling so void and dark…. And what do you know?! I had finally unlocked the secret to living a full life.

I stopped focusing on just MY career, MY success, MY accomplishment, MY dreams and MY happiness…. me, me, me…. And started to add others into the mix. I started to see my purpose as something far more expansive and powerful than any of those things that I once held so dear.

Now, my world is large and it’s forever expanding; and, even if I’m still filled with huge dreams and visions, I no longer am a slave to them and whether I actually turn them into a reality or not. Because, now, I have new dreams and new visions, all which are pointed outwards. It’s those new dreams and those new visions that I get to pursue, and that I get to do so while standing next to and joining hands with people who make life beautiful.

So, I just encourage you to take a look at that mental checklist you made earlier…. The one where you took stock of the things you’re building in your life. When you look at it, ask yourself whether those things are focused on you, or on others. If the answer is the former, spend some time trying out what it’s like to live for other people, rather than just for yourself, and let me know how you feel after that.

If you reach your dreams alone, they will be nothing more than just another accomplishment, but if you make your dreams about other people, even failing will feel like a gift.

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